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Driving digital transformation within the real estate and construction industry to create liveable and sustainable urban environments using technology.

Recotech gets reconstructed

– A message from our team.

We are organising Recotech with one thought in mind: building the most kick ass Proptech event in the Nordics (and maybe, long pause, low voice…, in the world). So far we have been able to deliver, wink wink nudge nudge train factory anyone?

But we are not satisfied…, we heard you, something felt off. So back to the drawing board it is. It’s time to tear it down, wipe it clean, start from scratch and reconstruct. This time we want to make it all about you! Oh, and don’t forget the startups and scale-ups, they are important too!

What was once the new normal has now become everyday life, what was once radical innovation has now become mundane technology. The economy is at a standstill while technology is moving ahead in a rapid pace.

No matter if you are cautious or bold in this new era, we will show you can navigate the uncertainties of the real estate and construction industry and how Proptech provides the tools to move ahead.

We look forward to welcoming you all at Recotech 2023!

A little bit of history.

EST. 2016


Recotech was established in 2016 and has grown from a small gathering of like-minded people to an annual Nordic Proptech event.


There is a constant need to innovate and develop real estate & construction technologies. Recotech is where innovators, customers and investors meet and create a more innovative and sustainable built environment!

The Slush connection

Recotech takes place the day before Slush. During Slush week thousands of investors, startups and like minded people will be swamping the streets of Helsinki.

For startups and scaleups.

We heard you and we are here for you. You need funding, you need clients and you need business partners. Sounds easy enough, let’s deliver!

We’ll gather all the active Proptech investors, bring in the corporations who are not afraid to innovate and invite those who are ready to rock.

1. Cherry-pick the investors you want to meet

2. Networking, networking, and yes… new partnerships and projects

3. Set up shop and get your brand out there!

4. Kick of the Slush week with your team

For investors.

Recotech is the place to meet the best of the best of what the Nordics have to offer!

The Nordic nations are continuing to mature and
grow, nurturing an outstanding number of Proptech
companies. Together with the Nordic Proptech associations we are tracking over 500 startups and scaleups in the region.

1. Source the best in Nordic Proptech

2. All of your Proptech investor peers under one roof

3. Identify disruptive solutions driving transformation 

4. The Slush connection

For industry leaders.

We’ll tailor the best experience to suit your needs.

Recotech is the place to see and to be seen. It is the place to increase brand awareness, generate new leads, collaborate with startups and find the best talent.

1. Market your professional services

2. Stand out in the market as digital forerunner

3. Identify potential customers, startups and scaleups

4. Cross-collaborate within the industry

5. Support the Nordic Proptech family

Interested in becoming a partner?