Better Urban Living – Interview with Teemu Suila of Kojamo

Kojamo is the biggest housing investor and rental services provider in Finland. Teemu Suila is the Chief Development Officer leading the strategic development and digitalization of the company.  Kojamo’s mission is to create better urban living. They want to be a forerunner in urban housing and the number one choice of the customers.  The company provides their services under the LUMO brand. In this interview, we discuss
  • The megatrends of the built environment and the digital transformation that’s taking place
  • How Kojamo is turning their housing properties into service and innovation platforms
  • Kojamo’s co-creation approach with partners and customers
  • Services ranging from e-commerce to AI-optimized heating
  • How the AEC Hackathon has helped develop new forms of urban living
  • How Kojamo works with startups
You can connect with Teemu Suila on LinkedIn.

Listen to the Interview


November 8, 2018