Rethinking City Energy Services – Interview with Markus Logren of Helen

Markus Logren is Innovation Team Lead at Helen, a Finnish energy company. He and his team are rethinking the ways an energy company could serve its customers in the future.  Energy companies are changing and reinventing themselves. The main driver is the climate change that demands us all to decrease emissions and to produce and consume energy in the most efficient way possible. Buildings consume a lot of energy and will play a large role as a part of future city energy systems. Helen, a Helsinki-based energy company, is creating the worlds’ most innovative city energy system in which buildings play a major role as energy producers and heat storages. Additional customer value can be created when new technological innovations and digital services are used to provide better living conditions and healthier buildings. In this interview, we cover the following topics:
  • Helen –a short introduction
  • What made Markus join Helen and what are his current responsibilities at the company
  • How the business environment of an energy company is changing
  • Why Helen is interested in real estate and PropTech
  • What they are doing in PropTech, more specifically
  • How Helen wants to develop their service offering and what future services they envision
  • What the Helen team expects from RecoTech
You can meet the Helen team in Helsinki at RecoTech on the 4th of December. Connect with Markus at Markus.Logren(at) or on LinkedIn.

Listen to the interview (also on iTunes)


November 29, 2018