Tieto Empathic Building – Interview with Tomi Teikko

Tomi Teikko and his team at Tieto have developed a human-centric digital service that solves end-user problems. It’s called Tieto Empathic Building. Many smart building solutions focus on the building’s performance. Tieto Empathic Building aims to improve employee well-being and happiness and increase individual performance. By automating time-consuming and non-productive tasks of communication and administration, it enables and encourages employees to interact, collaborate, and co-innovate. In this interview, we discuss the following topics:
  • What is an empathic building and how the concept came about
  • What are the benefits for the user, the employer, and the building owner
  • Can an old building become emphatic?
  • What technologies make the concept possible
  • How the concept expands from offices to other building uses
  • What new and amazing we can expect to see at RecoTech in December
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October 31, 2018