What to expect at RecoTech 2019?

With only a few days left until we open our doors we thought it’d be nice to answer a fundamental question: what to expect at #RecoTech19? Be prepared to be surrounded by hundreds of #PropTech experts from over 20 different countries with a strong Nordic emphasis. Whether presenting on stage, showcasing technology or looking for opportunities, there will be entrepreneurs, key members of big corporations, investors, academics and representatives of cities and public offices. Will there be Keynotes? Yeah, we got you covered: we have lined up the best #PropTechAllStar team you could ever imagine. Come on, click on the hashtag, you’re gonna love what you see. Mike Butcher, Annie Cosgrove, Duke Long, Sarah Sipilä… Global references of the PropTechSphere (is that a word? It totally should be). Talented and inspiring people who will share their vision with us, moderate panels and dive into the biggest challenges (and best solutions!) ahead. –> http://www.recotech.fi/speakers/ What about this Dome of Visions? Hands on! Yes, we really mean it! Check our Dome of Visions program, for instance. A unique space designed with an immersive soundscape, a true sensorial experience and also the place, at RecoTech, to attend events within the event: Global PropTech Speed-dating, by Global PropTech: a one-power-hour of quick meetups between 20 real estate professionals and 20 PropTech companies; CBRE Pitching Competition: 8 outstanding startups, 5 minutes each, 1 winner…! Talent Track: a platform for both job-hunters and talent-seekers to find their perfect PropTech match and a workshop to polish your skills looking to improve your career in the industry. Women in PropTech Meetup: Nikki Greenberg, Founder of Women in PropTech hosts a networking session for anybody looking for new #PropTech opportunities. … And more, so much more!! Will there be exhibitors? One word, the show floor is packed! Oh wait that’s five words, nevermind. Yes with over 40 companies presenting their latest technologies, products and services we can rightfully say this is the biggest RecoTech so far. With companies such as KPMG, CBRE, Sitowise, Newsec, FIRA Modules, NCC, Renta, Trimble, Varjo, Platform of Trust and even the WWF on the show floor you can probably spend the whole day without seeing a single keynote. Exhibitor Highlight – Fira Modules – the first mass-customized bathroom module in the market Fira Modules opens its new Bathroom Series 2.0 module for public to visit for the first time in RecoTech. It’s production is about to start at the factory in Hämeenlinna and the first sites where the modules will be installed, are in the construction phase. Bathroom modules are a part of the future construction revolution. Installing mass-customized, pre-fabricated entities directly to construction sites brings benefits to all parties involved – the building owners, designers, contractors as well as the residents. Mass-customization makes it possible to combine suitable entities for each different building from pre-designed alternatives in both a cost-efficient and quality-assured way. As a result, this is a solution that combines an individualized bathroom, HVAC building services and smart technologies – just like in a premium quality car factory. At RecoTech, you will learn more about the fabrication of the bathrooms, the exquisite structural solutions, smart technology offering and the supreme installation – at best, you’ll have several shafts done in a day. At the FIRA Modules stand, you can also visit the sample bathroom module and take part in a vote. Learn more about our bathroom modules: https://www.fira.fi/en/modules/ A thrilling venue & program You can expect to wander and wonder around 2.000 square meters at Helsinki Train Factory; a rustic industrial venue which we are gonna turn into a high-tech modern construction site. Talk about evolution, talk about contrast: RecoTech blends innovation and real estate like no one does. We are filling those square meters not only with exciting exhibiting and showcasing spaces but also with 2 stages that will host 11 tracks: –> http://www.recotech.fi/program/  Matchmaking platform brought to you by KPMG and Sitowise Plan your RecoTech journey: since this is an action-packed day we strongly recommend you use the Brella matchmaking platform to make sure you meet the right people at the right time and to take your business to the next level. If you are a ticket holder, check your confirmation email. If you are not a ticket holder yet: –> https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/RecoTech We want your feedback! In the end, it’s all about you. We want you to have a unique memorable experience and solid take-aways for your personal and professional growth. We will be here waiting for your feedback. And what better way to receive it than the CHAOScrowd app, a live interactive feedback app for you to let us know your thoughts about any aspect of the event: http://www.recotech.fi/news/this-year-at-recotech-there-will-be-one-secret-ingredient-you/ And we take this opportunity to thank all our partners, startups and members of the #PropTechAllStar team for helping us make this happen. #RecoTech19: the hottest PropTech event in the Nordics. See you there.  

November 14, 2019